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Today: January 28, 2023, 5:01 pm

Prayer Times in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Calculation Method: Umm Al-Qura, Makkah, Juristic settings: Shafii
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5:43 am
7:04 am
12:32 pm
The upcoming prayer is Asr: 06:38
3:39 pm
6:01 pm
7:31 pm

Namaz timetable for Dubai

If you want to perform prayers at the right time, this page will help you with that. You will find out when it is the appropriate Salah time in Dubai , United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates — you can check prayer times for your coordinates (25.0657, 55.17128) while on the go. The exact times are calculated basing in the position of the Sun in the sky. You can easily change your location using the search bar above.

015:41 am7:04 am12:23 pm3:21 pm5:41 pm7:11 pm
025:41 am7:05 am12:23 pm3:22 pm5:42 pm7:12 pm
035:41 am7:05 am12:24 pm3:23 pm5:42 pm7:12 pm
045:42 am7:05 am12:24 pm3:23 pm5:43 pm7:13 pm
055:42 am7:05 am12:25 pm3:24 pm5:44 pm7:14 pm
065:42 am7:06 am12:25 pm3:24 pm5:45 pm7:15 pm
075:42 am7:06 am12:25 pm3:25 pm5:45 pm7:15 pm
085:43 am7:06 am12:26 pm3:26 pm5:46 pm7:16 pm
095:43 am7:06 am12:26 pm3:26 pm5:47 pm7:17 pm
105:43 am7:06 am12:27 pm3:27 pm5:47 pm7:17 pm
115:43 am7:06 am12:27 pm3:28 pm5:48 pm7:18 pm
125:43 am7:06 am12:27 pm3:28 pm5:49 pm7:19 pm
135:43 am7:06 am12:28 pm3:29 pm5:50 pm7:20 pm
145:44 am7:06 am12:28 pm3:30 pm5:50 pm7:20 pm
155:44 am7:06 am12:29 pm3:31 pm5:51 pm7:21 pm
165:44 am7:06 am12:29 pm3:31 pm5:52 pm7:22 pm
175:44 am7:06 am12:29 pm3:32 pm5:53 pm7:23 pm
185:44 am7:06 am12:30 pm3:33 pm5:53 pm7:23 pm
195:44 am7:06 am12:30 pm3:33 pm5:54 pm7:24 pm
205:44 am7:06 am12:30 pm3:34 pm5:55 pm7:25 pm
215:44 am7:06 am12:30 pm3:34 pm5:56 pm7:26 pm
225:44 am7:05 am12:31 pm3:35 pm5:56 pm7:26 pm
235:43 am7:05 am12:31 pm3:36 pm5:57 pm7:27 pm
245:43 am7:05 am12:31 pm3:36 pm5:58 pm7:28 pm
255:43 am7:05 am12:32 pm3:37 pm5:59 pm7:29 pm
265:43 am7:04 am12:32 pm3:38 pm5:59 pm7:29 pm
275:43 am7:04 am12:32 pm3:38 pm6:00 pm7:30 pm
285:43 am7:04 am12:32 pm3:39 pm6:01 pm7:31 pm
295:42 am7:03 am12:32 pm3:39 pm6:02 pm7:32 pm
305:42 am7:03 am12:33 pm3:40 pm6:02 pm7:32 pm
315:42 am7:03 am12:33 pm3:41 pm6:03 pm7:33 pm

If you want to check the prayer times in Dubai, we invite you to have a look at the timetable below. Bear in mind that we update them on a regular basis so that you can use the timetable as a general reference for your praying times.

Presently, Islam represents the official religion in Dubai and the UAE. Essentially, Muslims and all Islam followers are expected to adhere to the essential practices that are referred to as the Five Pillars of Islam.

We would like to outline these key practices, as they stand at the foundation of Islam. First, there is Shahadah – which refers to professing that there is no other god than God and His prophet Muhammad.

The second most important practice is Salat – this means praying five times each and every day. There is also Zakat, which requires Islam followers to pray alms to the needy and poor. Then you have the Sawm, which refers to fasting during the holy month of Ramadan – which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. And lastly, there is the Hajj. According to the Hajj, all Islam followers should take the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime.

Moving on to Salat, which should stay at the core of each Muslim’s faith, it should be performed at dawn, midday, as well as in the afternoon, after the sunset and, once again in the evening.

What are the names for these specific prayer moments? Fajr stands for dawn prayer, whereas dhurh (or Duhr and Zuhr) represent midday prayer. The asr is the late afternoon prayer, while the maghrib is the prayer that takes place immediately after sunset. Lastly, there is Isha, which represents the evening prayer.

Why is the prayer timetable so critical for Islam faith? There are, of course, several reasons worth noting. Most notably, it connects Islam followers with God and with other Muslims around the world. At the same time, prayer times are determined depending on the position of the sun.

The muezzin is responsible for reciting the prayer. Historically speaking, the crier usually recited the call from the minaret of the mosque. Nowadays, since the majority of mosques come with loudspeakers, the muezzin usually utilizes a microphone, or a recording is used for the call to prayer.

With that in mind, please refer to the timetable below as a reference guide for your prayer times in Dubai.

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