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Islamic Prayer Times in Hamburg, Germany

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4:04 am
6:22 am
1:20 pm
The upcoming prayer is Asr: 02:51
5:08 pm
8:20 pm
10:29 pm

Namaz timetable for Hamburg

If you want to perform prayers at the right time, this page will help you with that. You will find out when it is the appropriate Salah time in Hamburg , Hamburg , Germany Germany — you can check prayer times for your coordinates (53.5510864257812, 9.99368190765381) while on the go. The exact time is calculated based on the position of the Sun in the sky. You can easily change your location using the search bar above.

Prayer Time schedule for Hamburg, Germany for April 2024

Fajr Shuruq Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
01 4:47 am 6:52 am 1:24 pm 4:56 pm 7:56 pm 9:54 pm
02 4:43 am 6:50 am 1:23 pm 4:57 pm 7:58 pm 9:57 pm
03 4:40 am 6:48 am 1:23 pm 4:58 pm 8:00 pm 9:59 pm
04 4:37 am 6:45 am 1:23 pm 4:59 pm 8:02 pm 10:02 pm
05 4:34 am 6:43 am 1:23 pm 5:00 pm 8:03 pm 10:04 pm
06 4:31 am 6:40 am 1:22 pm 5:01 pm 8:05 pm 10:07 pm
07 4:27 am 6:38 am 1:22 pm 5:02 pm 8:07 pm 10:09 pm
08 4:24 am 6:36 am 1:22 pm 5:03 pm 8:09 pm 10:12 pm
09 4:21 am 6:33 am 1:21 pm 5:04 pm 8:11 pm 10:15 pm
10 4:18 am 6:31 am 1:21 pm 5:05 pm 8:13 pm 10:17 pm
11 4:14 am 6:29 am 1:21 pm 5:06 pm 8:14 pm 10:20 pm
12 4:11 am 6:26 am 1:21 pm 5:06 pm 8:16 pm 10:23 pm
13 4:07 am 6:24 am 1:20 pm 5:07 pm 8:18 pm 10:26 pm
14 4:04 am 6:22 am 1:20 pm 5:08 pm 8:20 pm 10:29 pm
15 4:00 am 6:19 am 1:20 pm 5:09 pm 8:22 pm 10:31 pm
16 3:57 am 6:17 am 1:20 pm 5:10 pm 8:24 pm 10:34 pm
17 3:53 am 6:15 am 1:19 pm 5:11 pm 8:25 pm 10:37 pm
18 3:50 am 6:12 am 1:19 pm 5:12 pm 8:27 pm 10:40 pm
19 3:46 am 6:10 am 1:19 pm 5:13 pm 8:29 pm 10:43 pm
20 3:42 am 6:08 am 1:19 pm 5:13 pm 8:31 pm 10:46 pm
21 3:38 am 6:06 am 1:19 pm 5:14 pm 8:33 pm 10:50 pm
22 3:35 am 6:03 am 1:18 pm 5:15 pm 8:35 pm 10:53 pm
23 3:31 am 6:01 am 1:18 pm 5:16 pm 8:36 pm 10:56 pm
24 3:27 am 5:59 am 1:18 pm 5:17 pm 8:38 pm 11:00 pm
25 3:23 am 5:57 am 1:18 pm 5:17 pm 8:40 pm 11:03 pm
26 3:19 am 5:55 am 1:18 pm 5:18 pm 8:42 pm 11:06 pm
27 3:14 am 5:53 am 1:18 pm 5:19 pm 8:44 pm 11:10 pm
28 3:10 am 5:50 am 1:17 pm 5:20 pm 8:45 pm 11:14 pm
29 3:06 am 5:48 am 1:17 pm 5:21 pm 8:47 pm 11:17 pm
30 3:01 am 5:46 am 1:17 pm 5:21 pm 8:49 pm 11:21 pm

About Prayer Times and Namaz in Hamburg

Namaz, or Islamic prayer, is an integral part of the daily routine for Muslims, and mosques serve as the center for community gatherings and religious activities.

Islam is the second largest religion in Germany with a growing population of Muslims, and Hamburg is no exception. Muslims in Hamburg are an integral part of the city’s diverse culture and contribute to its vibrant community. One of the most important aspects of Islam for Muslims is prayer, which is offered five times a day according to the Islamic prayer times.

The timings of Islamic prayer times in Hamburg are determined according to the position of the sun. The first prayer of the day, Fajr, is offered before dawn, followed by Zuhr (midday), Asr (afternoon), Maghrib (sunset), and Isha (nighttime). The exact timings for each prayer vary depending on the location and season. The timings for prayers are announced in local mosques and through various apps and websites.

Namaz, or prayer, is a crucial part of Muslim worship and is considered a direct communication with Almighty Allah. It is a spiritual practice that helps Muslims to connect with their faith and seek guidance and blessings from Allah. Muslims in Hamburg have access to numerous mosques, prayer halls, and Islamic centers, where they can offer their daily prayers and participate in other religious activities.

In addition to prayer, Muslims in Hamburg also observe other religious practices, such as fasting during the month of Ramadan, giving Zakat (charity), and performing Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). These practices help Muslims to strengthen their faith and maintain a strong connection with their religion.

Muslims in Hamburg face many challenges, including discrimination and Islamophobia. However, they remain proud of their faith and culture and continue to contribute to the city’s progress and development. There are several organizations and initiatives in Hamburg that work towards promoting interfaith harmony and understanding, and to combat discrimination and prejudice.

In conclusion, Islamic prayer times and Namaz are fundamental to the Muslim faith and are observed by Muslims in Hamburg, Germany, and around the world. Despite the challenges faced by Muslims in Hamburg, they continue to practice their faith and contribute to the city’s diverse and vibrant community.

In the city of Hamburg, Germany, there are several mosques where Muslims can attend prayer and engage in community activities.

Muslim Mosques in Hamburg

Here are some of the notable mosques in the city:

1. Islamic Center Hamburg: Located at Schöne Aussicht 36, 22085 Hamburg, Islamic Center Hamburg is one of the largest and most prominent mosques in the city. It offers a wide range of services, including daily prayers, Quran classes, and social events. The mosque has separate prayer areas for men and women, and visitors are welcome to attend the Friday prayers.

2. Hamburg Islamic Center: Situated at Luruper Hauptstraße 10, 22547 Hamburg, Hamburg Islamic Center is a vibrant mosque that serves as a hub for the Islamic community in Hamburg. It provides a variety of services, including five daily prayers, religious classes, and activities for children. The mosque also hosts social events and cultural activities to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding.

3. Al-Nour Mosque: Located at Beim Grünen Jäger 23, 20359 Hamburg, Al-Nour Mosque is a bright and welcoming mosque that serves as a gathering place for Hamburg’s Muslim community. It offers daily prayers, Quran classes, and religious lectures. The mosque also has a community center that hosts cultural events and activities.

4. Fatih Mosque: Situated at Vogelhüttendeich 29, 21107 Hamburg, Fatih Mosque is a striking mosque that serves as a meeting place for the Turkish Muslim community in Hamburg. It has separate prayer areas for men and women and offers daily prayers, Quran classes, and Islamic lectures. The mosque also has a cultural center that hosts events and activities for the community.

5. Masjid Omar Ibn Al-Khattab: Located at Steindamm 55, 20099 Hamburg, Masjid Omar Ibn Al-Khattab is a small but welcoming mosque that offers daily prayers and religious classes. It is a popular destination for Muslims in the area and has a vibrant community that organizes social events and activities.

In conclusion, these are some of the notable mosques in Hamburg where Muslims can attend prayer and engage in community activities. For more information about these mosques and their services, visitors can contact them using the following phone numbers:

1. Islamic Center Hamburg: +49 40 229499-0
2. Hamburg Islamic Center: +49 40 840593-12
3. Al-Nour Mosque: +49 40 431393
4. Fatih Mosque: +49 40 751991
5. Masjid Omar Ibn Al-Khattab: +49 40 2800006.

Prayer Times in Hamburg

Frequently Asked Questions about Prayer, Salah and Adhan times

What is the time of Fajr (Dawn) prayer in Hamburg today?

The Fajr Salah in Hamburg today starts at 4:04 am and ends at 6:22 am.

What are the Namaz (Prayer, Salah) times in Hamburg today?

  • Fajr prayer (Dawn): 4:04 am - 6:22 am
  • Dhuhr salah (Midday): 1:20 pm - 5:08 pm
  • Asr namaz (Afternoon): 5:08 pm - 8:20 pm
  • Maghrib salah (Sunset): 8:20 pm - 10:29 pm
  • Isha prayer (Night): 10:29 pm - 4:04 am

What time does the Adhan (Azan) call start in Hamburg today?

  • Fajr namaz - 4:04 am
  • Dhuhr prayer - 1:20 pm
  • Asr salah - 5:08 pm
  • Maghrib prayer - 8:20 pm
  • Isha salah - 10:29 pm

When Dhuhr (Noon) time starts in Hamburg today?

The Dhuhr Prayer in Hamburg today starts at 1:20 pm

What are the timings of Asr salah in Hamburg today?

The Asr namaz today starts at 5:08 pm and lasts until 8:20 pm

What time in Hamburg do the Maghrib starts and ends?

Maghrib salah starts at 8:20 pm and goes out at 10:29 pm

When I can pray Isha (Night) namaz in Hamburg today:

In Hamburg the Isha Azan will call at 10:29 pm and the allotted time for Isha prayer will expire at 4:04 am

Qibla Direction for Hamburg, Germany

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