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Today: February 4, 2023, 3:55 pm

Islamic Prayer Times in Berlin, Germany

Calculation Method: Muslim World League, Juristic settings: Shafii
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5:46 am
7:44 am
12:20 pm
2:31 pm
The upcoming prayer is Maghrib: 03:03
4:58 pm
6:48 pm

Namaz timetable for Berlin

If you want to perform prayers at the right time, this page will help you with that. You will find out when it is the appropriate Salah time in Berlin , Berlin , Germany Germany — you can check prayer times for your coordinates (52.5200080871582, 13.404953956604) while on the go. The exact times are calculated basing in the position of the Sun in the sky. You can easily change your location using the search bar above.

015:50 am7:49 am12:20 pm2:27 pm4:52 pm6:44 pm
025:49 am7:47 am12:20 pm2:28 pm4:54 pm6:45 pm
035:48 am7:45 am12:20 pm2:30 pm4:56 pm6:47 pm
045:46 am7:44 am12:20 pm2:31 pm4:58 pm6:48 pm
055:45 am7:42 am12:20 pm2:33 pm5:00 pm6:50 pm
065:43 am7:40 am12:20 pm2:34 pm5:01 pm6:52 pm
075:42 am7:39 am12:20 pm2:36 pm5:03 pm6:53 pm
085:40 am7:37 am12:21 pm2:37 pm5:05 pm6:55 pm
095:39 am7:35 am12:21 pm2:39 pm5:07 pm6:57 pm
105:37 am7:33 am12:21 pm2:40 pm5:09 pm6:58 pm
115:35 am7:31 am12:21 pm2:42 pm5:11 pm7:00 pm
125:34 am7:29 am12:21 pm2:43 pm5:13 pm7:02 pm
135:32 am7:27 am12:21 pm2:45 pm5:15 pm7:03 pm
145:30 am7:25 am12:21 pm2:46 pm5:17 pm7:05 pm
155:29 am7:23 am12:20 pm2:48 pm5:19 pm7:07 pm
165:27 am7:21 am12:20 pm2:49 pm5:20 pm7:09 pm
175:25 am7:19 am12:20 pm2:51 pm5:22 pm7:10 pm
185:23 am7:17 am12:20 pm2:52 pm5:24 pm7:12 pm
195:21 am7:15 am12:20 pm2:53 pm5:26 pm7:14 pm
205:19 am7:13 am12:20 pm2:55 pm5:28 pm7:16 pm
215:17 am7:11 am12:20 pm2:56 pm5:30 pm7:17 pm
225:15 am7:09 am12:20 pm2:58 pm5:32 pm7:19 pm
235:13 am7:07 am12:20 pm2:59 pm5:34 pm7:21 pm
245:11 am7:05 am12:20 pm3:00 pm5:36 pm7:23 pm
255:09 am7:03 am12:19 pm3:02 pm5:37 pm7:24 pm
265:07 am7:00 am12:19 pm3:03 pm5:39 pm7:26 pm
275:05 am6:58 am12:19 pm3:04 pm5:41 pm7:28 pm
285:02 am6:56 am12:19 pm3:06 pm5:43 pm7:30 pm

Berlin (Berlin, Germany) prayer times. Get Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha prayer times in either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly calendar formats. On this page of the service you can find out the time of prayer in the city of Berlin for today, tomorrow and for the month of the current year. Get prayer times in Berlin. Calculate Islamic namaz timing in Berlin, Germany for Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.

Namaz is the most important pillar of Islam and a responsibility for every reasonable person who
believes in His Creator. For each obligatory prayer, the Almighty Allah has set certain intervals in which
Fard Namaz must be read.

The service will help you to accurately find out the time of prayer in Berlin. The portal
has access to all the information on obligatory prayers for today, tomorrow, and also for a month. With
the help of, believers will find a schedule of prayers for the commencement and
completion of the afternoon, evening, morning, night, and noon prayers.

Namaz is considered the pillar and core of Islam. A person who does not perform a daily obligatory
prayer cannot be considered a true Muslim. Wherever you are – in Berlin, El Riyadh, London, Acapulco or
St. Petersburg – prayer, as the fulfillment of the duty to Allah, is necessary.

Namaz is considered the second pillar of Islam after the declaration of faith in the One God and His
Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). In other words, prayer is almost as important as
faith in Allah itself. The Koran says that in the next world, all the dead will have to be responsible for
namaz. Prayer is the time that a person must devote to the Almighty.

Refusal to perform namaz is one of the worst sins in Islam. The Quran says that Muslims who have not
performed a namaz and do not repent of this, even to deathbed, will be punished.
Reluctance to perform namaz and kufr (godlessness) go hand in hand – these are links in one chain.
Without an obligatory prayer to God, man will be denied entry into Paradise.

The importance of prayer is difficult to overestimate, so it is important to perform a prayer properly, in
compliance with all requirements. If the namaz is done incorrectly, there is a danger that a person’s
conversion to Allah will not be accepted.
At the same time, we should not forget that Islam is the perfect religion for practical application. 1.5
billion Muslims live in the world and, obviously, not every one of them makes namaz on time. The
reasons may be very different. To avoid sin (non-prayer), Allah provided for large periods of time for
compulsory prayers.

At the same time, we should not forget that Islam is the perfect religion for practical application. 1.5
billion Muslims live in the world and, obviously, not every one of them makes namaz on time. The
reasons may be very different. In order to avoid sin (failure to perform namaz), Allah provided large
periods of time for obligatory prayers.

Prayer Timings Today Namaz (Salat, Salah Berlin, Germany)

Today Berlin-friedrichshain Prayer Timings on any location in the Berlin-friedrichshain , Germany.

The service displays the start and end times for the following fard namaz:

  • Fajr time;
  • the time of the midday prayer;
  • the beginning and end of the afternoon prayer;
  • when evening namaz begins and ends;
  • the time of the onset of night prayer in Berlin.

In order for a Muslim or a Muslim woman to have time to perform the rite of worship, the site displays
time remaining before the next prayer begins.
Namaz Fajr takes place at dawn, when the light on the horizon is barely visible and ends at sunrise and
morning comes, morning continues until noon and you can already perform the Zuhr midday prayer
when the sun is at the highest point of the sky.

Namaz Time in Berlin: Prayer Schedule
Schedule of obligatory prayers in Berlin

Timetable namaz for a month in Berlin

The service allows the Muslims of Berlin to find out the schedule of prayers for today, tomorrow and the
month of the current year.

Namaz is the direct way of communication with the Supreme Creator. Prayer can keep a person from
shameful and illegal actions, from reprehensible actions that run counter to the requirements of Allah.
Namaz calms, gives strength, inspires for good deeds and help to people, protects from evil thoughts,
promotes spiritual cleansing of a person.

Peace to all Muslims of Berlin, mercy and blessings of Almighty Allah.

Prayer times and Direction of Kaaba for Berlin 130

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