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Islamic Prayer Times in Ottawa, Canada

Calculation Method: Islamic Society of North America, Juristic settings: Shafii
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4:40 am
6:10 am
1:02 pm
4:51 pm
7:55 pm
9:25 pm
The upcoming prayer is Fajr: 22:10

Namaz timetable for Ottawa

If you want to perform prayers at the right time, this page will help you with that. You will find out when it is the appropriate Salah time in Ottawa , Canada Canada — you can check prayer times for your coordinates (45.4215278625488, -75.6971893310547) while on the go. The exact time is calculated based on the position of the Sun in the sky. You can easily change your location using the search bar above.

Prayer Time schedule for Ottawa, Canada for April 2024

Fajr Shuruq Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
01 5:18 am 6:42 am 1:06 pm 4:41 pm 7:32 pm 8:56 pm
02 5:16 am 6:40 am 1:06 pm 4:42 pm 7:33 pm 8:57 pm
03 5:14 am 6:38 am 1:06 pm 4:43 pm 7:34 pm 8:59 pm
04 5:12 am 6:36 am 1:06 pm 4:43 pm 7:35 pm 9:00 pm
05 5:10 am 6:35 am 1:05 pm 4:44 pm 7:37 pm 9:02 pm
06 5:08 am 6:33 am 1:05 pm 4:44 pm 7:38 pm 9:04 pm
07 5:05 am 6:31 am 1:05 pm 4:45 pm 7:39 pm 9:05 pm
08 5:03 am 6:29 am 1:04 pm 4:45 pm 7:41 pm 9:07 pm
09 5:01 am 6:27 am 1:04 pm 4:46 pm 7:42 pm 9:08 pm
10 4:59 am 6:25 am 1:04 pm 4:47 pm 7:43 pm 9:10 pm
11 4:57 am 6:24 am 1:04 pm 4:47 pm 7:44 pm 9:12 pm
12 4:55 am 6:22 am 1:03 pm 4:48 pm 7:46 pm 9:13 pm
13 4:53 am 6:20 am 1:03 pm 4:48 pm 7:47 pm 9:15 pm
14 4:50 am 6:18 am 1:03 pm 4:49 pm 7:48 pm 9:16 pm
15 4:48 am 6:16 am 1:03 pm 4:49 pm 7:50 pm 9:18 pm
16 4:46 am 6:15 am 1:02 pm 4:50 pm 7:51 pm 9:20 pm
17 4:44 am 6:13 am 1:02 pm 4:50 pm 7:52 pm 9:21 pm
18 4:42 am 6:11 am 1:02 pm 4:51 pm 7:53 pm 9:23 pm
19 4:40 am 6:10 am 1:02 pm 4:51 pm 7:55 pm 9:25 pm
20 4:38 am 6:08 am 1:02 pm 4:52 pm 7:56 pm 9:27 pm
21 4:35 am 6:06 am 1:01 pm 4:52 pm 7:57 pm 9:28 pm
22 4:33 am 6:04 am 1:01 pm 4:53 pm 7:59 pm 9:30 pm
23 4:31 am 6:03 am 1:01 pm 4:53 pm 8:00 pm 9:32 pm
24 4:29 am 6:01 am 1:01 pm 4:54 pm 8:01 pm 9:34 pm
25 4:27 am 6:00 am 1:01 pm 4:54 pm 8:02 pm 9:35 pm
26 4:25 am 5:58 am 1:00 pm 4:54 pm 8:04 pm 9:37 pm
27 4:23 am 5:56 am 1:00 pm 4:55 pm 8:05 pm 9:39 pm
28 4:21 am 5:55 am 1:00 pm 4:55 pm 8:06 pm 9:41 pm
29 4:19 am 5:53 am 1:00 pm 4:56 pm 8:08 pm 9:42 pm
30 4:17 am 5:52 am 1:00 pm 4:56 pm 8:09 pm 9:44 pm

About Namaz, Prayer and Salah Times in Ottawa

In Ottawa, Canada, Muslims make up a significant portion of the population, and as such, Islamic prayer times and Namaz are an important part of their daily lives. Muslims in Ottawa follow the standard Islamic prayer times, which are determined by the position of the sun and are based on the five daily prayers that are obligatory for every Muslim.

The five daily prayers are Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. Fajr is the first prayer of the day and is performed before dawn. Dhuhr is offered after the sun has passed its zenith and typically falls in the early afternoon. Asr is performed in the late afternoon, while Maghrib is performed just after sunset. Finally, Isha is performed after the twilight has disappeared from the sky.

Namaz, also known as Salah, is one of the five pillars of Islam and is an obligatory prayer that Muslims perform five times a day. It is a way for Muslims to communicate with Allah and to seek his guidance and blessings.

Namaz, or prayer, is an essential part of Islamic worship and involves a specific set of physical movements and recitations. Muslims in Ottawa typically pray at their local mosques, which provide space and resources for individuals to perform their daily prayers. There are numerous mosques throughout the city, including the Islamic Society of Ottawa-Carleton, the Ottawa Mosque, and the Islamic Centre of Ottawa.

In addition to daily prayers, Muslims in Ottawa also observe special prayers during the holy month of Ramadan. This month-long period of fasting and spiritual reflection is marked by nightly prayers called Taraweeh, which are performed after the Isha prayer.

Ottawa also hosts a number of Muslim festivals and events throughout the year, including Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, and Eid al-Adha, which celebrates the end of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. These festivals provide an opportunity for Muslims in Ottawa to come together as a community and celebrate their faith and culture.

Overall, Islamic prayer times, Namaz, and Muslim worship are integral to the daily lives of the Muslim population in Ottawa. The city’s numerous mosques and community events provide a welcoming and supportive environment for Muslims to practice their faith and connect with others who share their beliefs.

In the city of Ottawa, Canada, there are several mosques where Muslims can perform their daily prayers and connect with their faith.

Muslim Mosques in Ottawa

One of the most prominent mosques in Ottawa is the Ottawa Mosque, located at 251 Northwestern Avenue. This mosque was established in 1976 and has since become a hub for the Muslim community in Ottawa. The Ottawa Mosque offers a wide range of services and programs, including daily prayers, Friday sermons, Islamic education, and community events. They can be reached at (613) 722-8763.

Another well-known mosque in Ottawa is the Islamic Society of Cumberland, located at 2200 Davis Drive. This mosque serves the Muslim community in the Cumberland area and offers daily prayers, Friday sermons, and Islamic education programs. They can be reached at (613) 830-5939.

The Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque is another popular mosque in Ottawa, located at 2510 St. Laurent Boulevard. This mosque offers daily prayers, Friday sermons, and a variety of programs and services for the Muslim community, including youth activities and Quranic education. They can be reached at (613) 247-7860.

The Ottawa Muslim Association is also a significant organization in the Ottawa Muslim community, located at 251 Northwestern Avenue. They offer religious services, educational programs, and community events to serve the needs of Muslims in the area. They can be reached at (613) 722-4396.

Lastly, the Ottawa Islamic School, located at 10 Deschenes Street, offers a comprehensive Islamic education program for children of all ages. They teach Quranic studies, Arabic language, and Islamic values to help children grow to be responsible and engaged members of the Muslim community. They can be reached at (613) 321-9399.

In conclusion, the Muslim community in Ottawa, Canada, is well-served by several mosques and organizations that offer a variety of services and programs to meet the needs of the community. These places of worship and education provide Muslims with a way to connect with their faith and fulfill their religious obligations.

Islamic Prayer Times in Ottawa

Frequently Asked Questions about Prayer, Salah and Adhan times

What is the time of Fajr (Dawn) prayer in Ottawa today?

The Fajr Salah in Ottawa today starts at 4:40 am and ends at 6:10 am.

What are the Namaz (Prayer, Salah) times in Ottawa today?

  • Fajr prayer (Dawn): 4:40 am - 6:10 am
  • Dhuhr salah (Midday): 1:02 pm - 4:51 pm
  • Asr namaz (Afternoon): 4:51 pm - 7:55 pm
  • Maghrib salah (Sunset): 7:55 pm - 9:25 pm
  • Isha prayer (Night): 9:25 pm - 4:40 am

What time does the Adhan (Azan) call start in Ottawa today?

  • Fajr namaz - 4:40 am
  • Dhuhr prayer - 1:02 pm
  • Asr salah - 4:51 pm
  • Maghrib prayer - 7:55 pm
  • Isha salah - 9:25 pm

When Dhuhr (Noon) time starts in Ottawa today?

The Dhuhr Prayer in Ottawa today starts at 1:02 pm

What are the timings of Asr salah in Ottawa today?

The Asr namaz today starts at 4:51 pm and lasts until 7:55 pm

What time in Ottawa do the Maghrib starts and ends?

Maghrib salah starts at 7:55 pm and goes out at 9:25 pm

When I can pray Isha (Night) namaz in Ottawa today:

In Ottawa the Isha Azan will call at 9:25 pm and the allotted time for Isha prayer will expire at 4:40 am

Qibla Direction for Ottawa, Canada

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