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Today: March 31, 2023, 9:12 pm

Islamic Prayer Times in Paris, France

Calculation Method: Union des Organisations Islamiques de France, Juristic settings: Shafii
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6:21 am
7:31 am
1:55 pm
5:27 pm
The upcoming prayer is Maghrib: 02:07
8:19 pm
9:30 pm

Namaz timetable for Paris

If you want to perform prayers at the right time, this page will help you with that. You will find out when it is the appropriate Salah time in Paris , France France — you can check prayer times for your coordinates (48.8566131591797, 2.35222196578979) while on the go. The exact times are calculated basing in the position of the Sun in the sky. You can easily change your location using the search bar above.

017:25 am8:33 am2:03 pm4:59 pm7:33 pm8:42 pm
027:23 am8:31 am2:03 pm5:00 pm7:35 pm8:43 pm
037:21 am8:29 am2:03 pm5:01 pm7:37 pm8:45 pm
047:19 am8:27 am2:02 pm5:02 pm7:38 pm8:46 pm
057:17 am8:25 am2:02 pm5:03 pm7:40 pm8:48 pm
067:15 am8:23 am2:02 pm5:04 pm7:41 pm8:49 pm
077:13 am8:21 am2:02 pm5:05 pm7:43 pm8:51 pm
087:11 am8:19 am2:01 pm5:06 pm7:44 pm8:53 pm
097:09 am8:17 am2:01 pm5:07 pm7:46 pm8:54 pm
107:07 am8:15 am2:01 pm5:08 pm7:48 pm8:56 pm
117:05 am8:13 am2:01 pm5:09 pm7:49 pm8:57 pm
127:03 am8:11 am2:00 pm5:10 pm7:51 pm8:59 pm
137:01 am8:09 am2:00 pm5:11 pm7:52 pm9:00 pm
146:59 am8:07 am2:00 pm5:12 pm7:54 pm9:02 pm
156:57 am8:05 am2:00 pm5:13 pm7:55 pm9:03 pm
166:55 am8:03 am1:59 pm5:14 pm7:57 pm9:05 pm
176:52 am8:01 am1:59 pm5:15 pm7:58 pm9:07 pm
186:50 am7:59 am1:59 pm5:16 pm8:00 pm9:08 pm
196:48 am7:56 am1:58 pm5:17 pm8:01 pm9:10 pm
206:46 am7:54 am1:58 pm5:18 pm8:03 pm9:11 pm
216:44 am7:52 am1:58 pm5:19 pm8:04 pm9:13 pm
226:41 am7:50 am1:58 pm5:20 pm8:06 pm9:15 pm
236:39 am7:48 am1:57 pm5:20 pm8:07 pm9:16 pm
246:37 am7:46 am1:57 pm5:21 pm8:09 pm9:18 pm
256:35 am7:44 am1:57 pm5:22 pm8:10 pm9:20 pm
266:32 am7:42 am1:56 pm5:23 pm8:12 pm9:21 pm
276:30 am7:40 am1:56 pm5:24 pm8:13 pm9:23 pm
286:28 am7:37 am1:56 pm5:25 pm8:15 pm9:25 pm
296:26 am7:35 am1:55 pm5:25 pm8:16 pm9:26 pm
306:23 am7:33 am1:55 pm5:26 pm8:18 pm9:28 pm
316:21 am7:31 am1:55 pm5:27 pm8:19 pm9:30 pm

The site will help determine the exact time of the namaz in the city of Paris (France) for today and tomorrow. The table has a monthly prayer (namaz, salah time),  schedule for the city of Paris, Île-de-France. The schedule contains information of time to perform dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night prayers. Find out how much time is left until the next prayer in Paris in order not to miss the fard namaz.

Time for namaz today in the city of Paris

The service provides information on the beginning and end of the obligatory prayers for today and tomorrow in Paris. A Muslim can determine the time of the onset of a prayer by observing the movement of the sun across the sky or based on the length of the shadow of objects. But what to do if you are in the office, or in a room where it is impossible to determine the time of the onset of a prayer? Praise be to Allah, the Almighty made it easier for Muslims to access the schedule, which shows in detail the time of prayer for the city of Paris. If Muslims had to look at the horizon every day to determine the time for Fajr or to monitor the position of the sun in the sky, to find out when to read Zuhr and think about the shadows of objects, then this would create many additional difficulties that are not part of this great religion. Not everyone has the opportunity to watch the Sunrise and Sunset on their own. Not everyone knows how to calculate time based on the length of the shadow emanating from objects. Nowadays, a Muslim can find out the start time of the obligatory prayers on the Internet.

Prayer schedule for the month in Paris

The one-month prayer schedule for the city of Paris will help Muslims do all the prayers on time. The time between sunrise and sunrise is approximately one and a half hours, as shown in the schedule. Schedules have become a way for people to know the time of prayer, and this should be paid attention to, since the fulfillment of obligatory prayers is the basis of Islam, so Muslims should observe them at the appropriate time, as Allah says:

  • “Those who are constant in their prayer” (Al-Ma’arij, 70:23);
  • “Maintain with care the [obligatory] prayers and [in particular] the middle
    prayer and stand before Allah, devoutly obedient.” (Al-Baqarah, 2:238).

The middle prayer is Zuhr. “Az-Zuhr” in Arabic means “Mid Day”. Allah in the Qur’an told Muslims to read prayers at both ends of the day and protect the middle namaz. The beginning of the day is the morning, which comes after
dawn and ends at noon (Zuhr). The end of the day is the time before sunset. Day is the entire time interval when you can watch the sun. The middle of the day is “Zuhr” (from the Arabic “Noon”, “Middle of the Day”).

Commonly Used Namaz Names:

  1. Fajr. “Al-Fajr” – “Dawn”;
  2. Zuhr. “Az-Zuhr” means “Middle of the day or noon”;
  3. Asr. “Al-Asr” is translated from the Arabic “Epoch or Era”;
  4. Maghrib “Al-Maghrib” in translated from the clear Arabic means “West”;
  5. Isha “Al-Isha” means “Evening”.

Although schedules are important and useful, they are human affairs that are
prone to one or another error. But, as a rule, they are correct in indicating the
time, except for errors in determining the time for Fajr, which are sometimes
visible in the schedule.

We ask Allah to guide us and you on the right path. Allah knows better than

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