Prayer Time

Namaz timetable for Nuremberg (Nürnberg)

If you want to perform prayers at the right time, this page will help you with that. You will find out when it is the appropriate Salah time in Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Bavaria, Germany Germany — you can check prayer times for your coordinates (49.45421, 11.07752) while on the go. The exact times are calculated basing in the position of the Sun in the sky. You can easily change your location using the search bar above.

015:55 am7:50 am12:05 pm2:00 pm4:19 pm6:08 pm
025:56 am7:51 am12:05 pm2:00 pm4:18 pm6:08 pm
035:57 am7:53 am12:06 pm2:00 pm4:18 pm6:08 pm
045:58 am7:54 am12:06 pm2:00 pm4:18 pm6:07 pm
055:59 am7:55 am12:06 pm1:59 pm4:17 pm6:07 pm
066:00 am7:56 am12:07 pm1:59 pm4:17 pm6:07 pm
076:01 am7:57 am12:07 pm1:59 pm4:17 pm6:07 pm
086:02 am7:59 am12:08 pm1:59 pm4:16 pm6:07 pm
096:03 am8:00 am12:08 pm1:59 pm4:16 pm6:07 pm
106:03 am8:01 am12:09 pm1:59 pm4:16 pm6:07 pm
116:04 am8:02 am12:09 pm1:59 pm4:16 pm6:07 pm
126:05 am8:03 am12:09 pm1:59 pm4:16 pm6:07 pm
136:06 am8:03 am12:10 pm1:59 pm4:16 pm6:07 pm
146:07 am8:04 am12:10 pm2:00 pm4:16 pm6:08 pm
156:07 am8:05 am12:11 pm2:00 pm4:17 pm6:08 pm
166:08 am8:06 am12:11 pm2:00 pm4:17 pm6:08 pm
176:09 am8:07 am12:12 pm2:00 pm4:17 pm6:08 pm
186:09 am8:07 am12:12 pm2:01 pm4:17 pm6:09 pm
196:10 am8:08 am12:13 pm2:01 pm4:18 pm6:09 pm
206:11 am8:09 am12:13 pm2:01 pm4:18 pm6:10 pm
216:11 am8:09 am12:14 pm2:02 pm4:19 pm6:10 pm
226:12 am8:10 am12:14 pm2:02 pm4:19 pm6:11 pm
236:12 am8:10 am12:15 pm2:03 pm4:20 pm6:11 pm
246:12 am8:10 am12:15 pm2:04 pm4:20 pm6:12 pm
256:13 am8:11 am12:16 pm2:04 pm4:21 pm6:12 pm
266:13 am8:11 am12:16 pm2:05 pm4:22 pm6:13 pm
276:14 am8:11 am12:17 pm2:06 pm4:22 pm6:14 pm
286:14 am8:11 am12:17 pm2:06 pm4:23 pm6:15 pm
296:14 am8:12 am12:18 pm2:07 pm4:24 pm6:15 pm
306:14 am8:12 am12:18 pm2:08 pm4:25 pm6:16 pm
316:14 am8:12 am12:19 pm2:09 pm4:26 pm6:17 pm
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